Ax grew up in Penticton, BC where he fell in love with the game at an early age. Always learning, always engaging in every aspect he could. The goal like any kid, was to be a big leaguer but like every pitcher, he was plagued by arm injuries and his playing days would come to an end. "I knew I wanted to stay on the field" so Ax turned to coaching to provide his knowledge of the game and instill his lessons and experiences to the new generations of ball players. "I've been fortunate to coach alongside and against quality coaches across the country and the US" which has allowed Axel to grow his love and knowledge for baseball. Aside from playing/coaching, his college days like most, beer pong was the second sport and while playing ball at Delta in Stockton, California the idea was sparked for a baseball version of beer pong and years later, Baseball Boards was born. "Our brand has given me great opportunity and opened doors to a side of the game I am happy and humbled to be apart of". His newly created games have been enjoyed across the country, down south and by Big Leagues you see on tv today!

Axel didn't fulfill his goal of playing in the majors but through Baseball Boards and coaching it has allowed him to live his dream of remaining in the game of baseball. Axels energy from the field is put into his work everyday to ensure our customers, our Board Members are number one priority!